Take time out to Journey Within yourself and revisit your intentions, direction and life goals. Revive yourself holistically with an exploration of Islamic History, daily spiritual development and special attention to nutritional, psychological and physical wellness.

Join Concentric Care for the Journey Within Retreat and return home renewed.

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The Great Mosque of Cordoba

The Great Mosque of Cordoba

Witness and reflect on the lessons of Islamic Spain

Muslims lived in Andalucia, Spain for 800 years before they were completely exterminated. Visit the sites and monuments that mark this remarkable history, reflect on the lessons learned from the founders, leaders and these European Muslims, and draw parallels and lessons to what's happening in your life today. Featuring a guided tour of major sites in Cordoba, Granada and the Alpujarras Mountains by the Director of Andalucian Routes, a tour company specializing in Islamic educational tours of Spain.

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick

Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick

Journey within yourself and bring out your spirituality

As you reflect on lessons from Islamic history and events in the world today, take a look within yourself at your relationship with your true Self, your Creator, and other Creations around you. Re-establish a more genuine connection through Islamic spiritual practices, and also through looking at mental and emotional obstacles to spirituality. Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick will be your guide, using the 40 Hadith on Islamic Revival as a framework.

Experience true development through a gentle, holistic approach to well-being

As you uncover and nurture your spiritual self, identify and address emotional and psychological challenges that prove to be obstacles in your journey. Nurture your body with healthy foods and physical exercise, including trekking and swimming in the mountains. In this integrated approach, we acknowledge that the path to spirituality requires a comprehensive treatment of all parts of the human being, and we gently take you through a process to develop those parts. Asma Ali, Director of Concentric Care, will be your guide in this process.

Click here for the itinerary, costs and further details.