It all started when...

Into Light helped has helped me change the way I see myself, and helped me make positive changes in my life. Asma is very insightful, and has put together a program that uplifts physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Joining the program was one of the best things I have done for myself!
— Sumaya

Before I joined the Into Light Program, I was extremely overwhelmed working mother. I felt like I was constantly putting out fires in my life and feeling helpless. I wanted to change so much about my life and have it under control. I didn’t know where to begin. I would fix one thing and another would fall apart. I was extremely negative and without realizing I was bringing others down with my negativity. My sister suggested that I need to invest into myself first and join this program. I was skeptical about joining the program. I didn’t think it would teach me anything new and made excuses about who would watch the kids etc. I was a very inconsistent person and couldn’t commit to any positive change for long. I realized after joining the program that having accountability and group support made it easy for me to commit to the program. I discovered by making small changes and sticking to them helped me accomplish bigger goals. I feel a lot more internal peace and have passed that on to all my family. My kids are a lot more calmer, happier and productive. My spouse is a lot more relaxed and enjoys being around me and the family. We laugh more and enjoy each other’s company. I would really recommend this program for any mother who feels overwhelmed or helpless or depressed. This is a holistic program that touches every aspect of your life.
— Anonymous

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Into light helped me build better life habits. Anything from waking, eating, working, fitness, goal planning, and everything else beyond. The staff and team provided excellent support and attention to my personal life path. Into light inspired many changes in a short 12 weeks. The best thing though, is that it continues to inspire changes. These changes are the results of the seeds planted in my journey with into light.
— Yasin Cetin [remote participant*]

I felt empowered and comforted by surrounding myself with others on similar quests as myself, to understand ourselves better and learn how to better lead our lives and care for ourselves. My guide was a great source of support as well, regularly reminding me of my goals helping me track my progress. By the end, I had a much clearer picture (and experience) of what it looked like to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
— Anonymous

The Into Light program helped me refocus my personal goals and provided me with long-term self-development tools I continue to rely on today. It helped build a foundation for a long-term process of continued improvement. This is an experience that doesn’t leave you. You will rise and fall, but Into Light helps you get back up over and over again.
— Anonymous