What's special about Into Light:

  • Daily, one-one interaction with a professional wellness expert ("Guide") through "Rays of Sunshine" daily interactions
  • A one-to-one "Guidance Session" with your guide to review your goals, challenges, and next steps
  • A weekly meeting with friendly faces in a warm, accepting environment
  • Healthy, delicious breakfast foods and new perspectives on exercise and nutrition
  • A team to exercise with and participate in the May 2017 Goodlife Toronto Marathon 5k race
  • For remote participants, an online program to follow and daily one-to-one follow-up with your Guide

Week-by-week Program Overview:


Sample Week 1:


Program Components:


Morning Celebration: Morning Celebrations are our bi-weekly meetings to discuss the phases and foci of the program. We utilize tools to help you with achieving healthy habits and encourage discussion of challenges and successes. Morning Celebrations include a healthy breakfast!

Morning Training: At Concentric Care, we believe that physical wellness is essential to our emotional and spiritual wellness. Therefore, one of the key components of Into Light is training for a 5k run. Every other week, we meet at a track to train. The process is gradual, gentle and non-judgemental. Participants have the option of walking as well.

Daily Rays of Sunshine: Every morning between 7 and 9 am, your Into Light Guide will shoot you a Daily Ray of Sunshine to get you going, achieving the day's tasks, celebrating your successes, encouraging you despite your setbacks, and inspiring you to be the best you!

Support with Daily Tasks: Each week includes a Weekly Overview, with a list of tasks and activities for that week. Your Into Light Guide will encourage you to complete a task each day to assist you with building good habits.