Ever look at morning people and wonder how they get going so early? Ever wish you could be one of those people who exercise first thing? Yes! Into Light is a holistic development program for adults, featuring wellness professionals as your Into Light Guides! This 12-week step-by-step program will assist you with altering everything from your sleeping habits to exercise to visioning to revitalize you and help you use every moment of the day.

Into Light brings you:

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A supportive community

When it's hard to motivate yourself to get something done, nothing works better than having companions who want the same thing. At Into Light, we'll coach and support you through an integrated holistic development process. We'll include group chats and discussions so you can share challenges and motivate one another. This way, we'll all get the work done!

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Physical wellness

A key component of the Into Light program is training with fellow participants for a 5k run. We use the Couch to 5k App for this and meet bi-weekly at a track to train throughout the program. By the end of it, you'll run farther than ever imagined, and all through an easy, gradual program! We also encourage you to engage in healthy eating habits throughout the program, and support you by providing healthy breakfasts on a bi-weekly basis.

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A practical program for altering habits

Your Guides will take you through a program to help you alter sleeping and waking habits, positive thinking, reflections, meditations and visioning. This is done through daily one-to-one contact for 12 weeks, a service of true value!


I felt empowered and comforted by surrounding myself with others on similar quests as myself, to understand ourselves better and learn how to better lead our lives and care for ourselves. My guide was a great source of support as well, regularly reminding me of my goals helping me track my progress. By the end, I had a much clearer picture (and experience) of what it looked like to live a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
— Anonymous

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