Asma is currently offering short-term one-to-one therapy:

1. Initial 1/2 hour phone consultation at no charge

2. Between one and to a maximum of three one-hour therapy sessions scheduled weekly or bi-weekly. In the sessions we will look carefully at the presenting problem, how to overcome it, and resources to achieve that. To learn more about our approach, read on here.

The above is available in-person (Brampton, Ontario), via phone, and via Skype and Inkblot Therapy (an encrypted online counselling platform that individuals can register for at no charge). 


The cost of sessions is as follows:

1/2 hour consultation: free of charge

1 hour session: $100 CAD

1.5 hour session: $150 CAD

Cancellation within 24 hours: $60 CAD

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Contact Asma to learn more about online counselling and to check her availability for a session: 

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