Renew Your Inner Battery, Resolve Your Internal Conflict

By Mohammed Sheikh, Breakthrough Coach

Want to know the solution for all your problems?

I’m a Breakthrough Coach. People come to me to help them get through whatever stuck situation they find themselves in. I have trained in a variety of different modalities searching for better and faster ways to help these individuals do just that.

These include years of training in NLP, Hypnosis, WingWave, EFT, EMDR, Reiki, HeartMath (R) and others that don’t really have a name but are essentially learnings from various mentors. While they all have their own unique method to overcoming limiting beliefs, trauma, depression, trapped emotions, etc… I’ve found parallels in all of them when speaking to where the problems originate from.

The underlying root of all of our problems is a result of living a life that creates internal conflicts.

To flesh this out more, it is living a life that is in constant survival or reactive mode as opposed to taking the time to really become aware of our internal wisdom and living a life according to that.

And let’s dive even further:

During my Trainer certification in the HeartMath System ( I was taught a wonderful metaphor. Relate our internal energy source to that of an internal battery, just like your phone's battery. Each day we wake up with a full battery (hopefully and potentially - I’ll get to this in a bit) and with each interaction, behaviour, interruption, distraction, hurdle, and achievement, we either deplete our inner battery, or renew our inner battery.

According to the research done by HeartMath Institute when we are engaged in states such as anger, sadness, frustration, depression, our body reacts by releasing Cortisol (AKA the Stress Hormone) and this depletes our inner battery. While experiencing emotions such as love, happiness, mindfulness, peace, our body then releases DHEA (a vitality Hormone) and this renews our inner battery.

When we spend an entire day engaged in activities that deplete our inner battery, our nervous system essentially shuts down and enters survival mode. You may have heard of the terms Fight or Flight. Essentially, when we are depleted, our menu of behavioural choice shrinks to two behaviours which are pre-wired into our unconscious and designed to keep us safe. Fight or Flight (or its various permutations). When you think of how each of our days are typically spent, we may not be ending up having a fight per se, but we should ask ourselves how much time do we spend engaged in activities that deplete our internal battery. Even if it’s something small, over time it begins to have quite a toll on us internally.

Imagine holding a glass of water. How much effort is required to hold it up? How much effort is required to hold it up for five minutes? Fifteen minutes? An hour? Something as small as being cut off on the road (and for some this is not something small, i.e. Road Rage) can really deplete our battery if it stays on our mind because we didn't fully release the emotion.

It’s also worth contemplating on the effects of being in a job we hate, a relationship that simply doesn’t work or even meaningless busy work that really doesn’t bring any sense of inner worth or contribution. Even these things deplete our inner battery slowly over time.

In reading the book The Healing Codes (, the author says disease and illness are caused by living lives with depleted inner batteries. Actually, the author talks about ALL diseases and illness being caused by this. When we are in “survival mode”, blood flow is re-directed from our general systems such as the immune system, our liver functions, digestive systems, etc to essentially prepare us for Fight or Flight. It’s “All Hands to Battle-stations!”. And if our internal functions that are responsible for repair and growth are on pause for long periods of time, it begins to make sense how illnesses and diseases are prone to take form.

So what’s the solution? The simple answer is to consciously make decisions to spend more time doing those activities that renew our inner battery and do our best to limit our exposure to those things that deplete our inner battery.

But here are some more detailed suggestions to help in living a life that is more aligned with our inner wisdom.

1. Become aware of what depletes us. Write it down. Whenever you feel something nagging at you. Write down what caused it, and how specifically it’s making you feel. Then ask how feeling this way is benefitting you? Allow yourself to add choice to this situation by asking yourself how else can I behave so the outcome is better.

2. Take scheduled breaks to supercharge your inner battery. This could be in the form of meditation, prayer, going for a walk, or simply slowing down your breathing, taking deep breathes and focussing on a specific event that brings you happiness or love.

3. Sleep. Seriously, do not underestimate the importance of sleep. Above, i mentioned that we wake up to a fully charged battery. Well this is true if we had a proper nights sleep. Various studies have shown how sleep is necessary for us to process the day and how if we fail to get sleep, this will lead to forms of mental illnesses.

4. Journal. Ask what is it that we truly want? What do we want out of life? Out of this job? Out of this relationship? Out of this day? We are usually pretty good at stating what we don’t want, but how often do we really ask ourselves what we do want? If we focus on what we want, we tend to get it. I heard this from one of my mentors, “We don’t go to the store with a list of what we don’t want."

This is a life long journey. I invite you to experience what life is like when we live a life that is proactively choosing wellness over living a life that is constantly simply responding to situations.

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